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FIFA 16: Will Euro 2016 be safe in paris?

Several Paris Saint-Germain players have also spoken out. But while Thiago Motta offered words of strength, Edinson Cavani has been troubled by the idea of returning to France. Salvatore Sirigu, meanwhile, lost two friends who ran a restaurant that he and the PSG squad frequently visited.

UEFA issued a statement on Monday confirming that the finals would go ahead as planned: “Following the dramatic events that occurred last Friday in Paris, UEFA and EURO 2016 SAS wish to reaffirm their commitment of fifa 16 coins in placing safety and security at the centre of their organizational plans.

"While there is no reason to believe that the EURO might become the target of any attack, the potential terrorist threat has always been taken into account, since the beginning of the project. EURO 2016 SAS and all stakeholders involved in the organization of the tournament will continue their joint work and will regularly monitor the level of risk for the tournament and their respective organizational plans."

Doubts are understandable in the aftermath of such an atrocity, but those in charge of French and European football will be more clinical in their analysis. For the Euro 2016 organisation committee, there is no question of canceling the competition.

“This solution has never been considered because that’s the objective of Islamic State,” a member of the committee explained to Goal.

Every other Monday, the Euro 2016 organizing committee takes part in a steering group with the Interministerial Delegation, an arm of the French government, dedicated to the security of major sporting events. It is currently refusing to consider any influence on its conduct by players, coaches or supporters.

If the Paris attacks have created a large echo in the media and had a huge impact on the population of the world as a whole, it is still too early to measure the full consequences. Gomez drew a parallel with Russia and the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. “Attacks multiplied in Russia ahead of the Olympics in Sochi without those games being questioned,” she noted. “If you take a step back, it is clear that any major sporting, cultural or political event is a prime target – it’s not specific to sport.”

Islamic State justified its decision to attack the Stade de France on Friday as the fixture pitted two “crusader” nations together, and Gomez explained why it was a particularly attractive target.

This is certainly a matter of concern about fifa 16 points. If the organizing committee refuses to recognize the gravity of the situation today, the question of security at such an event remains. And it will resurface.
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